Masseria Garrappa Restaurant

Between the vigor of tradition and touch of modernity

Our restaurant is a bastion of the Apulian cuisine and, more so, of Southern Italy. On our plate, the envied Mediterranean history still remains intact. We are proud of the strong memory of its hearths and the rural culture that are still alive today.

Characterized by the legacy of gastronomy linked to the traditions of this coast, the essence of our style is refinement without frills. Without neglecting eye-pleasing presentations, we stay true to the centrality of flavour, a completeness which our kitchen is known for. All of this, with some small concession for light modern re-interpretation.

In charge of the kitchen is the ‘mother of the family’, Annamaria Tarantini. Capable of creating simple masterpieces according to seasonal resources. A cook that has studied and has experimented, with ease and technique, the potential of our typical products. An experience that brings to the table a multitude of creations, using elements from both land and sea.

She is a woman who loves to combine flavors that have dialogue with each other. Therefore, each of her recipes becomes a hymn to this landscape, but above all they are typical dishes. The original menus become a window for us to view an entire territory in which we are intimately immersed.

The wine list, for the most part, includes those of our territory and are all carefully selected by Roberto, owner of the Masseria. It is designed to give importance to the region, respect to nature and give life to those wineries most consistent with the philosophy of our kitchen.

Because we are well aware of the fact that wine, before being served at the table, is dreamed of, though of, worked on and finally bottled for the sake of enjoyment of each other’s company.

The historical frame of our ancient setting will offer you a family spirit free from frills or formalism. A microcosm of happiness for the eyes and for the palate.


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A restaurant between olive trees in Monopoli

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